Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Graduation Outfit Ideas


Either if you are a graduate or just attending a graduation here are some classy dresses to celebrate the occasion. All these dress can be found on

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One commute home - two amazing women

I live in Manhattan but I commute to Stamford CT for work. My commute is a good hour and 15 minutes each way and usually I'm so exhausted that I am sleeping or playing on my Ipad. Yesterday, however, I was overly alert and I noticed two amazing women. I just had to share.

The first was a woman in her mid-40s. She was wearing sky-high stilettos and she was carrying a very huge bag of food shopping home. What amazed me more than anything was that even though the bags were clearly heavy and the high heels had to have been very painful she was looked gorgeous, stylish and walked with the lightness of a feather.


The second woman was even more amazing. She was riding the subway with her baby. The baby had a big diaper accident and she had to change the baby right then and there! She was traveling alone with no stroller just the baby-bjorn. So this is what she did. She balanced the baby on her knees and proceeded to undress, clean and redress the baby with one hand. Somehow all this only took her 2 subway stops even though the baby was crying and the mess was pretty intense. The most impressive part was watching her face - she was so calm, so sweet to the baby. It would have been so easy for her to loose it, make the baby wait until she got out of the subway or to become embarrassed by her situation but she was none of those things. Cool as a cucumber - amazing!

I felt so empowered to be a woman after meeting these two amazing strangers and to all you multitaskers out there - remember that you are amazing!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So I disappeared there for a while

Sometimes this blogging thing reminds me of writing in my diary back when I was 7 or 8 years old. I would have a few weeks of consistent entries and then neglect my poor diary for months. The guilt I felt was terrible but I refused then and still refuse to write if I am lacking inspiration or desire. So there! I admit it! I just haven't felt like blogging. But this doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about my blog. In fact, I have been questioning if my current plan to blog solely about fashion at work  is the right strategy. There are so many other topics I want to discuss. I would love to provide my view points on the work-life balance, marriage, changing interests and feeling empowered as a woman.

I just finished reading an interview with DVF in the FT - a must read here.  It inspired me to focus broader, not just on fashion but on women in the work place. It isn't easy to balance wanting to be a respected professional, a loving and understanding wife, an attentive daughter and sister and for some of us a smart, fun and responsible mommy. DVF is doing it, why can't you and I?

I hope you will find my new direction a better one and I also hope that you spread the word about my little blog ...

Please send me your thought and comments, topics that you want to explore and I will join in the exploration with you!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Casual Friday! Send me your pictures

I sit at a desk for 10 hours a day so natuarally I can't be out and about snapping up pictures of perfectly dressed worker bees. That's why I count on your lovely emails and pictures for some of my sources. Here is my friend Anna. I love the stripes and the laid-back outfits. Perfect for the casual Friday.

We all have these in our closet: flats, skinny jeans, skinny belt and botton down. Love it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lighten up...Let the sunshine in!

The combo of yellow, white and gray has been a favorite of mine for everything from bedroom colors to art work to outfits. Here are a few versions of the color combo that will work great for work.

All images are from Pinterest...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lazy outfit days... meet The Scarf

So your day starts out something like this...

Your alarm didn't go off and you wake up 30 minutes late - you should be out of the house by now!

Naturally you didn't plan or lay out your outfit last night and now are staring at your closet in panic.

You grab the basics  - black skirt, white top (or whatever your basic is...)

You know your outfit is as bland and boring as they come but you just don't have time for anything fancy...

Today is the day the silk scarf becomes your best friend: wear it long, or tied as long as you wear it - it is the easiest way to add interest to any outfit. Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bullish on the Female CEO...

Yesterday we got the news that Avon named Sherilyn McCoy as the new CEO. She will have her hands full and has a lot to prove.

The news got me thinking about successful business woman that are worth studying, copying and admiring. Here are my top 3 choices:

#1: For breaking the glass ceiling in a financial firm (Not an easy feat):

Beth E. Mooney Chairman and CEO of Key Corp

#2: For her strong and positive personality, her bravery and her optomism:

Arianna Huffington: CEO and Founder of Huffington Post

#3: For her ability to market herself and her magazine (through TV and other media) and for her perfect business fashion sense:

Joanna Cole Editor in Chief of Marie Clarie