Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Desk Shoe Collection!!

I travel about an hour and 15 minutes to work each day, so as you can guess I don’t commute in my fancy stilettos. Instead, I keep a pretty extensive collection of pumps under my desk. My male coworkers, of whom there is certainly an abundance, are fascinated by the shear volume of my shoe collection. In fact, it was their idea that I pop my blogging cherry with this post. Thanks guys!
I’ll admit I definitely favor some of these pairs over others but all of them make it into rotation atleast twice a month. My favorite pair are the baby blue round toe pumps that I bought from Macy’s ages ago for $30. They have a really high heel so for a long time they were sitting in my closet collecting dust. It finally dawned on me that I can get a lot more mileage out of them at work; the walks to the cafeteria and to conference rooms are nice and short. The bright color never fails to infuse pop to my otherwise all black outfits; but more on that in my future posts. Stay tuned!