Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Vanna, I Vanna...Ivanka be a Powerful Women!

Ivanka Trump is a brilliant business woman! Sure, she isn't a Wall Street girl but she manages so many impressive businesses (hotels, clothing, jewelry) that we will let her join our club ;). There are three things that Ivanka always does and they make her look powerful and beautiful.

First of all,  her hair is always beautifully styled and make up is minimal:

Second, she knows her body and since she is curvy she is almost always in a solid color dresses with a cinched in waist.

Third, She is always work appropriate with skirt lengths that are to the knees

and the best part is that now you can wear designes inspired by the business mogul herself at Lord and Taylor (i'm going to check it out tonight!) 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Don't Have to be the CEO to have a Personal Shopper

A Wall Street Girl's week can look something like this:

Monday through Friday:
Wake up: 5am
Shower/dress/commute: 5-6am
Work, Work, Work 6:30am - 6:30pm
After work: 7-12pm
          Dinner with clients or
          The gym or
          Study for CFA or
          Go to MBA class

Point is? Well the point is that there isn't must time for shopping and while I love spending my Saturday accomplishing this...

You might not always have the chance to do that. So I recommend using the personal shoppers at your favorite stores to help make your life so must easier. I was in Michael Kors on Saturday and ended up with a bag full of perfect work wear (nude pumps, navy wrap dresses and tweed jackets!) all thats to the amazing eye of the personal shopper there. Only thing I had to do was be willing to try things on! Anyway long story short is she got my number and will call me with sales and new collections. I lot of my favorite places to shop have this service for free and I recommend you use it!

*Michael Kors
and so many more!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Vintage in a Fast Market

The business world changes so quickly and we always focus on the future but when it comes to dressing up I love wearing something vintage everyday. It makes me feel special and usually helps me feel unique.

I never leave the house without my 1960's watch from Geneva that I purchased at a flea market in Paris (I also secretly love that it looks like a David Yurman design!

Also I am lucky to be the only granddaughter to both sets of grandparents so naturally I get a lot of the family jewels. My grandparents have passed on so many valuable lessons to me and I love that wearing a ring that my great grandmother used to wear helps me remember to stay true to who I am and where I come from!

With Mad Man fever in full swing, I was determined to find a work bag in the style. Instead of buying a new bag. I found this beautiful 1950's Lancel bag on add bought it from a little shop in the South of France. How cool is that (oh and you can bargain on etsy - just send a message to the seller!!) 

My oh-so-smart and business savvy husband thinks that showing pictures of beautiful Taylor will help me get more readers and I am all about taking advice so here she goes! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Utah Baby!

I'm on vacation skiing in Utah. We just got over 30 inches of snow in the past 2 days and I am doing a lot of   this:

mixed with a little of jacuzzi and wine. Life is good! The mountain is covered in fluffy white snow and the skiers are all dressing it up with their colorful outfits. So many color inspirations from the slopes to come later this week. In the meantime, there is a lovely blogger here in Utah that I have been following for some time. She isn't on Wall Street but some of my favorite outfits of her's would fit right in.

Make sure to check out her blog!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kill Them With Kindness in Mint!

Mint is the lastest hot color of the season. Figuring out how to wear mint on the weekend and on vacation is easy peesy. Figuring out how to wear it at work is more challenging. Here is what I'm thinking...

1. Stick to the classics in shape - pencil shirt, blouse and blazer
2. Keep all other colors neutral and blending in with the mint (nude, pale pink and white

Something like this:
Took me forever to find a mint skirt. Here is where to find the peices for the outfits above:

#1: White blouse with green detail: Tucker
#2: Beige Blazer Derek Lam
#3: Mint Skirt:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Head in the Clouds...

I have flying on my mind today. My vacation is only a few days away and as I plan my outfit for the plane, I remembered a fellow passanger on a flight whose outfit was such perfection that I'm still mad at myself for not requesting to take her picture.

Last August, I was in Paris and by some amazing stroke of luck my flight was more than 2 days delayed (something about a hurricane in NYC that never came to fruition). Who doesn't want to get stuck in Paris?!?!? 

Anyway to make a long story shorter I was rebooked to a different flight and updated from coach to first class!  I had a seat that converted into a bed, a five-course breakfast meal and any other indulgence you can imagine.  In front of me sat the most fabulous French woman and her outfit was chic yet comfortable, simple yet completely unique.

Gray on gray on gray! Rich fabrics! Structured jacket with slouchy t-shirt and pants



Oh man this doesn't even do it justice! She was so chic!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Apartments, Bags and Jewels... Oh My!

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Does watching Selling NY on HGTV count as playing hard??

Selling NY is great entertainment - gorgeous unattainable apartments, aggressive but cool realtors and millions of dollars in commisions! How can you not get addicted. One of the realtor companies is Gumley Halt Kleier a family run business featuring a mother and her two adult daughters. They are far from the 23 year old, 6 foot tall super models but they always look amazing in the show and they are always consistent. Do you see a pattern?

Its like a uniform! Here are the must haves that make them look like the powerful, wealthy women that they are!
#1: Solid color fitted knee length dresses (often neutral color, black, nude, brown , navy)
#2: Fabulous designer bags (Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vutton - you name it they have it!)
#3: Classic stilletos or pumps (Yes you will often see them sporting the red soles - it amazes me that they can treck through NYC in those!)
#4: Jewels! Lots and lots of jewels especially around the neck

Create a uniform for yourself and your mornings will be so much easier and you will never have an off day! Having a "uniform" might seem boring from a fashion standpoint but all the greatest fashion icons have a staple look - its what works for them throughout the years, the trends and the working day!

Miranda Priestly's Hermes Scarfs

Coco Chanel;s Suits with pearls

and Katherine Hepburns pants (it was really unpopular for women to wear pants back then but she made it work and its her staple!)

On a side searching for the Kleier's pictures I learned a little about their lives. They appear to have the perfect life, all three are happily married with kids, money and the luxurious Manhattan life. But this amazing family has recently experienced a terrible tragedy. The sudden death of their 26 year old brother and son. The way they have handled their terrible loss by remembering and honoring him and but becoming even closer as a family is really amazing to me and proves their strength!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Office Drama!

For most of us the weeknights are spent out to dinner with clients, at the gym or in front of the computer. But some nights you are lucky enough to take advantage of all that NYC has to offer and feed the soul. Last night my friend Anna and I, along with our hubbies saw Death of a Saleman . Run don't walk to get tickets, they are amazing! Anna's work outfit transitioned beautifully into a classy theater look. 

I love the all black outfit i a few short week we will all be in pastel so why not get black out of our systems

Notice the fun accesories, they make her look so cool (the double band mutli color watch, and funky large glasses)

 I love that the top is not solid black, makes it so much more interesting. Also notice the buttons on the skirt and the clasp on the pearl necklace - they work together beautifully!
Thanks Anna!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hump lets talk Men!!!

We can't ignore the men in our lives right? You know... the Boss, the trader across the row or your buddy, the sales guy that sits 2 feet away from you for 10 hours of the day. Oh! and my Hubby of course ;).

Here is what I like for the boys this season!

#1: Colored socks - go either bright with the classics like blue, green and red or go pastel!



#2: The clean crisp white pocket square. No fuss all business but super fashionable!



#3: Black and White or Colored Boat Shoes!



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We Rally Around the Details

I'm sitting at my desk, staring at the my three computer screens, when my friend Mayse interrupts my mid morning lull with a visit. Her presence was cheery and her outfit just made it so much better. Its a classic combo of white shirt and pencil skirt but done with unique touchs; it takes the outfit from boring to fabulous!

Did you notice the details on the collar and sleeves? How great is that!?! Mayse's shirt is custom made by this guy. They are going to have tailor-made clothes sales meetings in New York, NY. Here are the details:
New York, NY - New Yorker Hotel, 481, 8th Avenue New York, New York, 10001-1821. (We will be set up in one of the suites. Please ask for Sam Surin/New Royal Fashions at the reception upon your arrival).

Sun, 25th March - 11am - 7pm(no appointments required).
Mon, 26th March - by appointments only.

I'm going to check it out of Sunday!  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bond Girl & What She Wore

We all have read or seen The Devil Wears Prada but the tortures of being a newbie in the work place aren't just at the biggest fashion magazines, they are also alive and well on Wall Street. If you haven't read Bond Girl by Erin Duffy get the book; it is a fun, easy and enjoyable read about a young women who "set her sights on conquering the high-powered world of Wall Street. And though she's prepared to fight her way into an elitist boys' club, or duck the occasional errant football, she quickly realizes she's in over her head.."

But hey! I'm not here to do a book review right? Well there were times in the book that I was cringing at the outfit descriptions. In one of the chapters, [SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT] Alex (the young woman in question) is attending a barbecue summer party in Connecticut at the home of her scary boss. She wears black pants and a pink silk top. While that may work for a night out in NYC it was "oh so wrong" for CT. Here is what I would have picked out for her. She would fit in but still show off her youthful city style. 

Lets not forget the shoes of course!:

#1: Vera Wang Wedges
#2: Zara Wedges (I own they super comfy!!)
#3 Mad Men inspired Necklace from Banana Republic
#4 Fossil Vintage Bag

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"The GAP " is no more

The markets are crashing, clients are yelling and traders are loosing money; you are in the middle of it all! That is stress at its peak so you really don't need anymore stress right now.  You are going to need all the confidence you can muster up to get through the day but instead you are sitting there worrying that someone will see this....

"THE GAP" is haunting you!
So what do you do? Sure you can wrap a scarf around it but you are wearing a gorgeous necklace and hate hiding it. Or you can fumble with a safety pin every time you put the shirt on but it will take forever to get it right and it won't be neat.
So here is what I did...This has transformed my life! I no longer hesitate when I pull a button down out of my closet. Its crisp, clean, professional and GAP-less. Here is the easy step by step!
#1. Buy these:

#2: Put the shirt on and mark with a pencil exactly where the gap is (it will be between two buttons at the chest area)

#3: Sew the eye on the same side as all the buttons (I.e. the side which when buttoned is closer to the body)

#4. Sew the hook on the other side, make sure you check that the hook and eye are lined up and won't be visible when the shirt is closed.


P.S. The picture above is from a women's shirt manufacturing company that developed a new technology to prevent gapping (saves you the hassle of sewing :). I can't really vouch for them yet because I haven't gotten my shirt in the mail yet but I'll report as soon I know!