Sunday, August 22, 2010

Parisian Inspirations: My Fall “Collection”

I’m back and full of inspiration! Paris was magical and luckily for me was quiet cold. Luckily? Yep, luckily because I got to see a preview of some of the fall trends on the streets of Paris. To start, I have to mention that the French are absolutely obsessed with Louis Vuitton bags. Everyone, and I mean everyone (including the airport personnel) have a Louis. 

Naturally, I did some serious shopping and here is a little preview. It rained almost each day when I was in Paris, so I desperately needed a pair of close-toed shoes. I bought these oxfords at Zara on a whim. Thinking of wearing them to work with a pair of slim cut slacks and a silk button-down.

I also bought a navy blue trench at a boutique called Axasa. I was inspired after I noticed that instead of black almost every single suit I spotted was navy. The french seem to really love their blues.  I love that this trench is double-breasted and has shoulder details. I have a feelings it will be my “go-to-work” staple in the fall.

I met Parisian bankers on the beaches of the French Riviera and my awesome husband even took pictures of a fashionable woman that was on her lunch break, but more on that tomorrow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Power in the Shoulder Pads?

This past weekend was perfect. It was completely restful and fun. On Sunday, while lazily flipping channels, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the 1980’s movie Working Girl. Remember, the one with Melanie Griffith who is a secretary working to become a big executive? I stopped flipping channels not because I’m such a big fan of the 80s but because I saw this!

Lady Gaga sure did a good job bringing back the shoulder pads but I’m happy they haven’t really crept back into executive offices and trading floors. Lets keep it that way!

On another note I’m thrilled to report that I have survived my summer MBA classes, work and my first month of blogging. To celebrate, refresh and get inspiration. I’m flying to France! I hear that the Paris shops are already full of the new fall trends and I just can’t wait to get the inside scoop!
Isn’t it amazing how far women’s work clothes have come? Thankfully we no longer have to look like football players to play with the big boys.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Charity at the NY Stock Exchange

Last night I went to the Autism Speaks for Young Professional charity event hosted at the New York Stock Exchange. It was an amazing event that some of my coworkers helped organize! Great people, great food, great drinks and I have to admit being on the floor of the stock exchange was really cool! Most of the people that attended were 20 and 30-somethings for NYC. And like most of them I came to the event straight from work. So my work outfit had to serve double duty.

I wore this DVF dress that I bought on huge sales at Woodbury Common Outlets.

Other looks I considered were:

Dress #1: I like this DKNY Drape Dress because of the bold red color, with 800 people attending the event it still would have been easy to spot me in red!

Dress #2:  This Rachel Roy Signature dress has a really unique print but the cut is conservative so I think it would work. I like that its white, it would have fit in with the 90 degree weather we were having.

Dress #3: This Shoshana Lace Shirt dress is so versatile the length is appropriate for work and the flowy shape and print works well for the evening out. I’m thinking that in the fall it will be cool to wear this dress with a rocker-style leather vest for the weekend or to work with a black blazer, black tights and boots.

I might have more pics from the event later next week. Until then have a great weekend!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Start Shopping For Fall with 30% off!

Thanks to my girlfriend Maria, I got this coupon and figured it can’t hurt to spread the love. Enjoy and if you find something worthy send me a picture of your purchase to!

Don’t Waste Your Time!

Last week, while waiting for my name to be called with about 100 other NYers in the jury room, I got to thinking about time (since NY state was wasting so much of mine!) Did you ever realize how much time we spend styling our hair. The 30 minute blow-drying sessions at 5am are brutal but necessary…or are they?

I’m sure most of you have heard about Brazilian keratin treatment, you probably heard from your hair stylist and were skeptical. That’s how I heard about it but I took a leap of faith and paid the $300 to convert my frizzy curly locks into shiny and straight perfection. It was the best money I ever spent!

When I get out of the shower my hair is silky smooth and perfectly straight. Now I can use the extra 30 minutes to sleep or pick out a cuter outfit for the work day.  I have done the treatment 4 times already (it lasts about 3-4months and I had my first treatment May 2009) and I love it, in fact I’m not really sure I’ll ever be able to give it up.

 A lot of my girlfriends ask me for my salon contact so here it is:
397 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 11432
(212) 213-6050
Ask for Lana she is great!