Monday, February 27, 2012

Working on Wall Street but inspired by Main Street

Its amazing how you can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere! I was walking home from work and took a detour to look for inspiration on Fifth Avenue. I was counting on the window displays to do the trick but inspiration struck me in an unusual way. Walking towards me was a woman wearing a long camel wool coat. In her hand, swinging by her side she carried a Sephora bag. The color combination was amazing! It looked something like this (please forgive the amateur photo editing) …

Camel, Black and White is classic and gorgeous but the stripes elements give it something extra. Here are the pieces I would use to pull together an outfit:
If you are heavier on top balance out the top half with camel pants and break up the stripes -which can have a widening effect- with a black blazer.

All 3 pieces from Zara
If you are heavier on the bottom keep our pants or skirt black and add the pattern and lighter color to your top half.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running in heels!

Now that I am done with the MBA I have a little bit more time to play with my outfits but being a financial professional and a student challenged my fashion sense. One thing I wasn’t willing to give up - even in the busiest of days - was heels! Nothing is more slimming for your legs than a heel and on days when your hair is probably standing straight up on your head, at least your legs can look fantastic.
Running in heels is no easy feat (pun intended :) but I discovered that following these 3 simple rules when wearing your heels is truly a life saver.
#1. Be realistic: You can’t spend all day in 5 inch heels. Heck who am I kidding even 3 or 4 inch heels hurt while walking the city streets. Stick to heels that are 1-3 inches high. They still give your legs the extra length but none of the pain. Here are some examples:

#2: Show the balls of your feet some love: I discovered these and now I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. 
#3: Don’t be afraid to fall: I can’t help but laugh when I see girls afraid to walk in their heels. Biggest fear? Slipping of course. Solution? Add some traction with these. They stick right on to the bottom of your shoes and you can walk with confidence!
Visually the difference is amazing. Check this out…

I’m Back! MBA: Missed Blogging Already!

So after a very long break, I’m back and man does it feel good. I have been very busy this past year and a half and yet not blogging deprived me of the creative outlet I so desperately need. What have I been up to, you ask? Oh you know the usual…

Commuting 1.5hrs to works daily…

Finishing my MBA (Master’s of Business Administration or better yet Miss Blogging Already)

 Training my new puppy

and of course collecting inspiration for My Wall St Style! Now that I’m back I’m so excited to share them!