Monday, February 27, 2012

Working on Wall Street but inspired by Main Street

Its amazing how you can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere! I was walking home from work and took a detour to look for inspiration on Fifth Avenue. I was counting on the window displays to do the trick but inspiration struck me in an unusual way. Walking towards me was a woman wearing a long camel wool coat. In her hand, swinging by her side she carried a Sephora bag. The color combination was amazing! It looked something like this (please forgive the amateur photo editing) …

Camel, Black and White is classic and gorgeous but the stripes elements give it something extra. Here are the pieces I would use to pull together an outfit:
If you are heavier on top balance out the top half with camel pants and break up the stripes -which can have a widening effect- with a black blazer.

All 3 pieces from Zara
If you are heavier on the bottom keep our pants or skirt black and add the pattern and lighter color to your top half.

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