Sunday, August 22, 2010

Parisian Inspirations: My Fall “Collection”

I’m back and full of inspiration! Paris was magical and luckily for me was quiet cold. Luckily? Yep, luckily because I got to see a preview of some of the fall trends on the streets of Paris. To start, I have to mention that the French are absolutely obsessed with Louis Vuitton bags. Everyone, and I mean everyone (including the airport personnel) have a Louis. 

Naturally, I did some serious shopping and here is a little preview. It rained almost each day when I was in Paris, so I desperately needed a pair of close-toed shoes. I bought these oxfords at Zara on a whim. Thinking of wearing them to work with a pair of slim cut slacks and a silk button-down.

I also bought a navy blue trench at a boutique called Axasa. I was inspired after I noticed that instead of black almost every single suit I spotted was navy. The french seem to really love their blues.  I love that this trench is double-breasted and has shoulder details. I have a feelings it will be my “go-to-work” staple in the fall.

I met Parisian bankers on the beaches of the French Riviera and my awesome husband even took pictures of a fashionable woman that was on her lunch break, but more on that tomorrow.

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