Monday, August 9, 2010

Power in the Shoulder Pads?

This past weekend was perfect. It was completely restful and fun. On Sunday, while lazily flipping channels, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the 1980’s movie Working Girl. Remember, the one with Melanie Griffith who is a secretary working to become a big executive? I stopped flipping channels not because I’m such a big fan of the 80s but because I saw this!

Lady Gaga sure did a good job bringing back the shoulder pads but I’m happy they haven’t really crept back into executive offices and trading floors. Lets keep it that way!

On another note I’m thrilled to report that I have survived my summer MBA classes, work and my first month of blogging. To celebrate, refresh and get inspiration. I’m flying to France! I hear that the Paris shops are already full of the new fall trends and I just can’t wait to get the inside scoop!
Isn’t it amazing how far women’s work clothes have come? Thankfully we no longer have to look like football players to play with the big boys.

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