Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bond Girl & What She Wore

We all have read or seen The Devil Wears Prada but the tortures of being a newbie in the work place aren't just at the biggest fashion magazines, they are also alive and well on Wall Street. If you haven't read Bond Girl by Erin Duffy get the book; it is a fun, easy and enjoyable read about a young women who "set her sights on conquering the high-powered world of Wall Street. And though she's prepared to fight her way into an elitist boys' club, or duck the occasional errant football, she quickly realizes she's in over her head.."

But hey! I'm not here to do a book review right? Well there were times in the book that I was cringing at the outfit descriptions. In one of the chapters, [SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT] Alex (the young woman in question) is attending a barbecue summer party in Connecticut at the home of her scary boss. She wears black pants and a pink silk top. While that may work for a night out in NYC it was "oh so wrong" for CT. Here is what I would have picked out for her. She would fit in but still show off her youthful city style. 

Lets not forget the shoes of course!:

#1: Vera Wang Wedges
#2: Zara Wedges (I own they super comfy!!)
#3 Mad Men inspired Necklace from Banana Republic
#4 Fossil Vintage Bag

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