Monday, March 12, 2012

Apartments, Bags and Jewels... Oh My!

Work Hard, Play Hard!

Does watching Selling NY on HGTV count as playing hard??

Selling NY is great entertainment - gorgeous unattainable apartments, aggressive but cool realtors and millions of dollars in commisions! How can you not get addicted. One of the realtor companies is Gumley Halt Kleier a family run business featuring a mother and her two adult daughters. They are far from the 23 year old, 6 foot tall super models but they always look amazing in the show and they are always consistent. Do you see a pattern?

Its like a uniform! Here are the must haves that make them look like the powerful, wealthy women that they are!
#1: Solid color fitted knee length dresses (often neutral color, black, nude, brown , navy)
#2: Fabulous designer bags (Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vutton - you name it they have it!)
#3: Classic stilletos or pumps (Yes you will often see them sporting the red soles - it amazes me that they can treck through NYC in those!)
#4: Jewels! Lots and lots of jewels especially around the neck

Create a uniform for yourself and your mornings will be so much easier and you will never have an off day! Having a "uniform" might seem boring from a fashion standpoint but all the greatest fashion icons have a staple look - its what works for them throughout the years, the trends and the working day!

Miranda Priestly's Hermes Scarfs

Coco Chanel;s Suits with pearls

and Katherine Hepburns pants (it was really unpopular for women to wear pants back then but she made it work and its her staple!)

On a side searching for the Kleier's pictures I learned a little about their lives. They appear to have the perfect life, all three are happily married with kids, money and the luxurious Manhattan life. But this amazing family has recently experienced a terrible tragedy. The sudden death of their 26 year old brother and son. The way they have handled their terrible loss by remembering and honoring him and but becoming even closer as a family is really amazing to me and proves their strength!

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