Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Don't Have to be the CEO to have a Personal Shopper

A Wall Street Girl's week can look something like this:

Monday through Friday:
Wake up: 5am
Shower/dress/commute: 5-6am
Work, Work, Work 6:30am - 6:30pm
After work: 7-12pm
          Dinner with clients or
          The gym or
          Study for CFA or
          Go to MBA class

Point is? Well the point is that there isn't must time for shopping and while I love spending my Saturday accomplishing this...

You might not always have the chance to do that. So I recommend using the personal shoppers at your favorite stores to help make your life so must easier. I was in Michael Kors on Saturday and ended up with a bag full of perfect work wear (nude pumps, navy wrap dresses and tweed jackets!) all thats to the amazing eye of the personal shopper there. Only thing I had to do was be willing to try things on! Anyway long story short is she got my number and will call me with sales and new collections. I lot of my favorite places to shop have this service for free and I recommend you use it!

*Michael Kors
and so many more!!!!

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