Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Head in the Clouds...

I have flying on my mind today. My vacation is only a few days away and as I plan my outfit for the plane, I remembered a fellow passanger on a flight whose outfit was such perfection that I'm still mad at myself for not requesting to take her picture.

Last August, I was in Paris and by some amazing stroke of luck my flight was more than 2 days delayed (something about a hurricane in NYC that never came to fruition). Who doesn't want to get stuck in Paris?!?!? 

Anyway to make a long story shorter I was rebooked to a different flight and updated from coach to first class!  I had a seat that converted into a bed, a five-course breakfast meal and any other indulgence you can imagine.  In front of me sat the most fabulous French woman and her outfit was chic yet comfortable, simple yet completely unique.

Gray on gray on gray! Rich fabrics! Structured jacket with slouchy t-shirt and pants



Oh man this doesn't even do it justice! She was so chic!

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