Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sex and the City at Work? The Grand Finale: Carrie!

Even though Carrie got married in the last movie she certainly wore a lot of white in the sequel. It’s as if she knew that NYC was going to have one of the hottest summers ever and in some subconscious way she was telling us that wearing white, even to work, is more that OK!

So first - the inspiration of white! Just in time for the summer:

This Thakoon dress is perfect for work and currently on sale from $2050 to $625 but only a size 4 is left.
Sorry ladies, but I actually found it difficult to find white “wear to work” dresses. I do recommend buying a white knee length strapless dress (they are everywhere now!). I bought a beautiful silk one for my wedding brunch and since then have been wearing it to work with a cardigan and pearls. Its a great way to get milage out of a dress that I thought I would wear only once. Oh, and also it kind of secretly makes me feel like a bride again!

These are the peices I would pull off the shelves of  JCrew to pull the look together:

All JCrew: Braided Fabric Belt; Cardigan; Dress; Shoes  

Thanks to Carrie, I also got this hair style inspiration. Most of us wear our hair straight down. Let’s try something completely different.

Finally, I found this sophisticated style that is so easy to pull off. It’s so great to get my hair off my neck and for all of my curly, frizzy haired sisters out there—nothing could be easier!

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