Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doesn’t Have To Be Black To Be Corporate!

Its the summer, yet I still see a ton of black outfits at work. Where are your summer colors, ladies!?! Today, my friend Allison wore the most amazing pale pink dress. She looked sexy, fashionable and most importantly professional. If you insist on keeping with the neutrals consider pale pink (it will show off that July 4th tan too!)
Dress: Paule Ka Paris, Shoes: Walter Steigler

It gets really cold in the office so Allison found the perfect complement to her sleeveless dress, a beige cardigan from Bloomingdale’s. I love how the softness of the top balances out the structured dress. If you have an important meeting though, you can add a blazer instead. And lets not forget accessories! Pairing a bracelet with her junky watch gives her outfit a cool youthful vibe. Thanks Allison for being my first fashion guinea pig, you look awesome!   

Steal the look:
*If you love the shape/cut of the dress check out this Reiss dress. Sadly it only comes in gold, red and blue.
*Check out this pale pink number from

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